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X-plosive Jigsaw Puzzles Pro - homepage
Traian, the puzzle master

Hi again!

On this page there is the (incomplete) description of X-plosive Jigsaw Puzzles Pro. If you're wondering where is the complete description: it's in the game's help file.

Down the page you'll find a game description, its features, a quick start guide, the demo download and the system requirements. You should begin downloading the demo now and read while it's running...

By the way: anybody got a mirror?

Read a small description:

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X-plosive JigSaw Puzzles Pro is a Windows game designed with the professional puzzle player in mind. Trough this game I tried to offer you all the tools a professional game should offer. I'll also introduce you some new tools, never seen before in other games. To get all the details please read the features section.

Some features that make this game unique:

  • the wide working area that will give you room to breathe even if you have a lot of pieces
  • the excellent scrolling system that allows you to scroll by dragging the background (real easy)
  • the three-state pins are really useful and easy to handle (difficult to explain in words, you have to see it)
  • the loupe doesn't follow the mouse annoying you every step of the way; it sits tight in its spot
  • you get a lot of add-on jigsaw puzzles at no additional cost (a total of 400 jigsaw puzzles)

And since the Pro version is sometimes too overwhelming for beginners I split it into two versions: the Lite version and this Pro version. If you are playing a jigsaw puzzle game for the first time and you aren't looking for any exquisite features I suggest that you should try the Lite version first.

Download the demo version of X-plosive Jigsaw Puzzles Pro - download page

Duckling jigsaw puzzle screenshot - wavy form

Order your copy now and get Pro-puzzling today - $29.95 $19.95

The default game delivery is by internet download. If you would like the game delivered on CD, too, the additional cost is $9.50, with the shipping fees included. For your convenience, the CD installer features the main game and all the game add-ons.

X-plosive JigSaw Puzzles Pro - game's features

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  • 1600x1200 wide board play area - plenty of maneuvering space and unique double-scroll system
  • pins finally made usefull ! Three-state pins: not pinned / pinned down / temporarily released Hexagon jigsaw puzzles screenshot
  • up to 1500 pieces for each jigsaw puzzle
  • a total collection of 400 free add-on jigsaw puzzles
  • loupe finally made usefull ! Static or dynamic loupe
  • ghost image with changeable transparency

Quick how to play the game

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  • Click on the 'Puzzle' button in main menu. The game will then load the available jigsaw puzzles.
  • Choose one of the jigsaw puzzles. Double click on a jigsaw puzzle to play it. Dog jigsaw puzzles screenshot
  • Click on a jigsaw puzzle piece to pick it up.
  • Drop it next to its counterpart and they will snap together.
  • To rotate a piece, click using the right mouse button.
  • To scroll, drag the background using the right mouse button.

An extremely useful feature my game has is the wide working area. The working area is much larger than the screen size. To scroll trough the entire working area drag the background holding down the right mouse button or click on the side scroll buttons.

For extra spice, try the available tools, especially the ghost image, the small picture and the auto-pin. The Ghost and the SmallPic can be toggled on/off by left-clicking on the toolbar button; the auto-pin can be toggled on/off by right-clicking on the 'Lock' button. Auto-pinning means that when you drop a jigsaw puzzle piece in its exact place on the ghost the piece will be pinned automatically.

When you finished playing the all the jigsaw puzzles in the game check out the game updates section for more jigsaw puzzle packs, new environments, more backgrounds or game updates. You can download all these game add-ons for free!

A longer testimonial from a professional puzzler

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Cliff jigsaw puzzles screenshot Gregory J. Nashif: I HAVE PLAYED nearly every jigsaw game available for the PC. While they vary in look and design, the gameplay is generally the same. Fairly decent and average. You spend your twenty-five bucks, download the products, get some fairly decent pics, around 50 in a single category, then go online and see many more puzzle packs available for another twenty-five bucks a pop.


Game requirements and Technical support

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Puppy jigsaw puzzle games screenshot
Recommended system:600 Mhz CPU, 128 Mb RAM, 32Mb Video, Sound, 20-50Mb HDD space.
Software requirements:DirectX 7.0a or above, Video and Monitor drivers correctly installed.
Operating Systems:Windows 95-98, Me, 2000, Xp (recommended).

Technical support for my games is avalaible trough e-mail using the online contact form. Also check out the support page for a list of Frequently Asked Questions and more info about support.

X-plosive JigSaw Puzzles Pro

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Download size: 5.25 MB
Download time: 15 minutes on a 56Kbs modem.

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Purchase the Full Version easy and safe online, for only $29.95 $19.95, including free game updates and technical support.

CMOS batteries not included.

Easy Jigsaw Puzzling

X-plosive Jigsaw Puzzles Lite
has appeared! Playing jigsaw puzzles is made easy with this light-weight game.

Online Jigsaw Puzzles

Online Jigsaw Puzzles can be found on my  web site, too! The puzzles were made using   the X-plosive JigSaw Puzzles Pro and Flash. Take a look at the online jigsaw puzzles, and rest assured that the desktop game is even better!

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