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X-plosive JigSaw Puzzles Lite

A jigsaw puzzle game that generates addiction without the side-effects!

X-plosive Jigsaw Puzzles Lite - homepage
Traian, the puzzle master

Hi again!

On this page there is the description of X-plosive Jigsaw Puzzles Lite. There are some screenshots, too!

Down the page you'll find a game description, its features, a quick start guide, the demo download and the system requirements. You should begin downloading the demo now and read while it's running...

By the way: does anybody know how to tie a knot? These instructions are useless!

What is this game? Quick info

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X-plosive JigSaw Puzzles Lite: list of features

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  • wide board play area - plenty of maneuvering space and unique scroll system
  • a total collection of 400 free add-on jigsaw puzzles
  • ghost (transparent) image
    JigSaw puzzles screenshots
    X-plosive JigSaw Puzzles Lite screenshots
  • small picture image
  • the new feature of auto-pining pieces on the ghost
  • cool-looking puzzle pieces
  • two scrolling modes: edge buttons or mouse right-click
  • rotating pieces and smooth edges
  • auto-saves the current jigsaw puzzle on exit
  • maintains high scores
  • up to 1500 pieces for each jigsaw puzzle
  • build your own jigsaw puzzles from your images
  • nine different jigsaw cutting styles
  • six different piece combining shapes
  • sound effects and music
  • different graphic environments (2 in start package, more available for free soon on the updates page)
  • different backgrounds (7 in the package, 28 available for free as add-ons on the updates page)
  • playing in Full Screen or Windowed mode
  • custom resolution from 800x600 to 1600x1200
  • custom monitor refresh rates
  • English and German interface

Quick how to play the game

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Ok, so WHY should I buy this game?!?

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System requirements and Technical support

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X-plosive JigSaw Puzzles Lite

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Professional Jigsaw Puzzles

X-plosive Jigsaw Puzzles Pro
is the professional version of this game and my warm recommendation for all the jigsaw puzzle lovers.

It has a complete set of tools which...