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Crea Soft - For the puzzle's sake

Free Jigsaw Puzzles

Every time you finish a jigsaw puzzle you have to rush to the store and buy another one. This costs money with each puzzle, and makes you feel guilty about finishing them. Puzzles should be all about fun and not guilt, so here’s a great way that you can still enjoy this hobby while keeping it entertaining — Free jigsaw puzzles!

unnamedHow Do They Work?BCool Math Games Online jigsaw puzzles is all about dragging and placing puzzle pieces, so while you won’t need to use your keyboard, you will need a mouse. Normally the pieces will be placed in a pile or on the side of the board. It is your job to click them, and then while holding down the mouse, place them in their correct positions. Pieces that don’t fit together will go back to their position on the side of the board, or you will have to drag them back. Once the puzzle is complete, the picture will be revealed!

Step It Up A Level

indexefThere are challenge modes that you can play that will take your jigsaw experience even more challenging and thrilling. For instance, some games will allow you to turn on a timer, and you will only have a set period of time to finish the puzzle. If you’re unable to complete the puzzle in time, you’ll lose. This will better your jigsaw puzzle skills and will hopefully allow you to put them together in only a fraction of the time that it once took you.

Challenge Your Friends

You can challenge your friends as well through Cool Math for kids! Although you only have one mouse and can play a single game at a time, you can try to beat puzzles at a faster pace than your friends. Just reset the puzzle, and watch them struggle as they try to beat your score. It’s a neat way to add a twist to your jigsaw puzzle experience, and if you ever get bored, can try something new!image

Tips And Tricks

  • Start Easy: When you first get into online jigsaw puzzles you will notice it is a bit different from the standard game. Start easy until you get the hang of it so you don’t get frustrated.
  • Take Breaks: If you get upset, take breaks. Don’t continue to do puzzles if they aren’t fun.
  • Guess The Picture: If you can figure out the picture part way through, it makes the second half of the puzzle much easier.
  • Perspective: The picture may not be what you originally thought, keep an open mind and look at it from different perspectives.

Website Best Cool Math Games

5_1061Instead of having to pay money for jigsaw puzzles, every online puzzle is completely free. There aren’t any tricks or gimmicks; it’s a simple place where you can do your favorite hobby without worrying about money. Finding games is really easy, and it’s simple to just click and move onto the next puzzle. You don’t need to register or create an account, or even download the games!

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